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7 Wavelet Simulators

TNT includes two prototype wavelet-based transmission line simulation tools. These tools use a simple finite element approach with Coifman wavelet basis functions to compute full-wave transmission line parameters. You may choose either the ``RL'' calculator for resistance and inductance, or the ``CAP'' calculator for capacitance.

The ``RL'' calculator dialog allows you to enter a number of frequency points at which you would like the parameters computed. Simply enter the frequencies, in hertz, separated by spaces (e.g., ``1e9 2e9 3e9''). The ``CAP'' calculator simply computes the line-to-line capacitance, which is relatively independent of frequency.

These simulators have not been completely generalized. They are limited to a single ground plane, so stripline simulations will be incorrect. They also are also limited to planar dielectric layers, and will crash if attempting to simulate rectangle dielectrics.

Bob Techentin 2004-07-29